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Pre School Admission

3 Years of Age to 6 years

Thorn Tree School stands out as a beacon of educational excellence, embodying a commitment to fostering a nurturing and dynamic learning environment. The school’s emphasis on holistic development ensures that students not only excel academically but also grow personally, instilling qualities of critical thinking, creativity, and leadership. For those considering joining the Thorn Tree School playgroup, the school maintains high standards while ensuring a supportive atmosphere for the youngest learners.¬†

To enroll in the playgroup, children must be aged 3 years and above, and parents or guardians are required to provide a copy of the child’s birth certificate upon admission. Additionally, two pairs of school uniforms are necessary, and other specific requirements are outlined in the admission form, ensuring a smooth and organized enrollment process. Thorn Tree School’s dedication to both academic rigor and a caring educational environment makes it an optimal choice for the formative years of a child’s education.

To enroll in Thorn Tree School’s pre-school, the child must be aged 4 years or above, ensuring a suitable developmental stage for the program. Parents or guardians are required to submit a copy of the child’s birth certificate during the admission process. Additionally, two pairs of school uniforms are essential for the child’s participation in school activities. Further details and any additional requirements are outlined in the admission form, providing clarity and transparency in the enrollment process. It is also crucial for parents to be aware of and fulfill the specified school fees to facilitate a seamless integration into the Thorn Tree School community.

Primary School Admission

Grade 1 to Grade 6

To be admitted in Thorn Tree Primary, A child has to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he or she has successfully passed the pre primary training and graduated. The child need to know how to read and write, provide¬† Pre-School graduation certificate and a copy of Birth Certificate. The school will then conduct an interview appropriate for the class to join and after the teacher is certisfied by the child’s performance thats when he or she can be admitted and given admission list of requirements. We urge Parents and guardians not to purchase school uniforms and other stationery prior the interview stage. More instructions will be found on the admission form and the fee structure.

School Uniform

Track Suite

Games Kit Uniform

Thorn Tree School Uniforms can be found in the following outlets in Ongata Rongai town and Kiserian.
Kawa Uniforms
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Ongata Rongai Uniforms

Junior School Admission

Grade 7 to Grade 9

Choosing Thorn Tree Junior School for your child signifies a commitment to fostering both academic excellence and personal development. The school’s emphasis on quality education is accompanied by a nurturing environment, promoting holistic growth. If considering admission to Thorn Tree Junior School at the secondary level, the child should have successfully completed the primary level and passed the Grade 6 national exam, ensuring a solid academic foundation. Parents or guardians are required to submit a copy of the child’s birth certificate during the admission process. Equipping your child with two pairs of junior school uniforms is essential, along with adherence to other stipulated requirements outlined in the admission form. Thorn Tree Junior School stands as a beacon for comprehensive education, preparing students for a successful transition to higher levels of learning and personal development.

Junior School Uniforms

Boys School Uniform


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